Student's Speak

One Big Family

By M. K.

Or Menachem is like one big family. Our Shluchim are great to talk to and to express ourselves to. Our teachers spend much time here trying to help. Thanks to Or Menachem I can express myself, have friends and learn at the same time. We have lessons to help every single kid individually. They teach us to use our own brain.
At Or Menachem, it is not just learning, we also have a lot of fun. We like skating, bowling, skiing and other trips. We also have many extra-curricular programs run by our Shluchim. We got a library where we can read our hearts out. This is great because before I got to Or Menachem I had trouble reading and writing.
The food here is great and I just jump out of bed in the morning just thinking of the marvellous breakfast our cook Madeleine makes us. She prepares it with so much heart and it always tastes great.
We have an English program run by Mr. Jones. He spends his time thinking of great ways to help every single kid. We learn math, science, English, Biology and many other subjects. Mr. Jones has a skill in making regular school much more fun then I ever knew could happen.

I Became Smart

By M. A.

At Or Menachem something crazy happened to me. I became smart and much more educated then in the other schools where I used to go. Here at Or Menachem I get hundred's on almost every single test. I feel I can be a rocket scientist after Or Menachem.
It gets difficult here away from home, but Or Menachem makes me feels at home. All the teachers, students and Shluchim are all like family to me.
Most of all, Or Menachem is a great school. Every Shabbat we have a meal and I try to say a Dvar Torah ( a speech about Jewish things) and hope I make a good impression on the other kids and to make them more educated about Jewish things.

A Lot of Fun

By M. R.

Skiing is awesome. Here at Or Menachem we go skiing every 10 days, and it is really fun. At first I could hardly ski, but now I can go really well and do jumps. This is saying a lot because at the beginning I used to fall a lot. I was too scared to go fast, I thought I was going to kill myself. But now that I go skiing a lot and it is really fun. It is really only at Or Menachem that gives you so much fun ; all you need to do is behave and learn and you can go.
Learning is also good. We learn a lot in Hebrew studies and English studies. I never got lower then a 90% because the teachers really care and help every student individually. The Shluchim are also fun and they do Mivtza's (projects) with us for great prizes, The kids are a lot of fun, everyone is friends and we share with each other. We also just made a new library where we can read a lot of good books.
In short for long, because there is a lot to say about how Or Menachem is awesome, Or Menachem is a great school and I love it.

Now, I'm Reading a Lot of Books

By R. Z.

Honestly, when I heard about this place I thought it was a camp. All fun and games and that you would not learn anything. Yet really, yes it is fun but I also learned a lot. I can read the Talmud and I could read it good with translation. I am really happy about that.
In English, I was never good with geography, but now I know a lot about the Middle East…I also never ever read a full book without being forced, but now I am reading a lot of books.